Commission a Pet Portrait


There are a few options when deciding what painting you would like to commission. When deciding on the direction and theme of your commission we can meet in person, over the phone or email. Going forward with photos in hand, I’ll design some concepts to compare and we can choose which ones suit your pets character the most.


I work mainly for the photos you supply or, where possible, I can assist in taking photos to get the right pose to match the outfit. If you wish to dress your pet in an outfit, I can work from photos or ideas from you, I’m also happy to suggest ideas and design a few ideas for you to compare.

Sizes & Pricing

Below you will find my pricing structure for my most common requests. If you required a bigger size or more pets please contact me and I can arrange a quote based on your requirements. These are my current prices as of 2020 but subject to change going forward.

Sizes1 Pet2 Pets
14”x18”From £400N/A
16”x20”From £500From £750
18”x22”From £600From £900
Smaller paintings are available if you require, although these are the minimum prices based on level of detail and time.


Please feel free to get in touch with photos and I can get some designs worked up for you and go from there.

Prices Updated

January 2020